This is a page where you can find all my poems. I wrote each one of these! Enjoy!

Dark Night Sky

The dark sky filled the room

I tossed and turned,

Left to right,

Trying to get comfortable.

My white feathered blanket wrapped around me tightly

Finally, I sat up,

Clicked the light,

Got my notebook and a pen,

Letting my mind role free

And my tales run through.

Tips and Tricks and Pogo Sticks

Number one don’t go pogoing down a hill.
Number two, if you pogo stick,
Your pretty cool!
And so on
Rules are over rated,
Advice is better,
Mom and dad hear about this (pogo stick talent)
Horrible, if that was a test,
It’s a big fat,
Are you new at pogo sticking, this is a perfect place to start,
One of my favorites,
(Drum roll please)
The directions that came with the pogo stick.
Read the directions once,
Then go and learn off of YouTube,
And if your still stuck, call a friend.
But never,
Go ask your parents for help!
They’re a big NO NO!
If they hear about your new favorite thing to do,
They’ll eathier say “Charlotte it’s too dangerous, please get off now.”
“Charlotte, smile, it’s for Facebook sweetie.
I want to tell the world.”

Whatever rules you pogo by, you got to first understand “don’t go pogo sticking down a hill.”

8pm sun

The 8pm sun is like no other
It changes depending on the season

During fall, it’s down to earth

During winter, the sun is not exactly in the sky, but somewhere I bet people are enjoying it

During spring, the sun is trying really hard to stay high in the sky, but fails

Finally during summer, it’s above eye level

The 8pm sun is unique.


Rethinking The United States

I’ve never known that my world can be wrong.

Some people think the opposite of me.

Is anything right?

There is always an other side of the story.

Someone is either against or for the situation.

Why do I think the way I do?

What’s happening to my life?

Who am I really?


Wishing Pond

A wishing pond

A pond you wish on

A pond full of wishes

A wish is to a pond as stars are to the dark, night sky

One’s wish is full of beauty

Another full of fear

And that one kid who brings a tear

The stream on his/her cheek, salty and wet

One after another, till the specialty of a laugh

A laugh that the child remembers

The laugh of a foolish cry

That laugh of a foolish cry at the wishing pond

The pond that seeks beauty, wishes, and fear

Not any pond, a special wishing pond

A wishing pond that is a star in the dark, night sky